Explorer 2.0 - Army Green
Explorer 2.0 - Army Green
Explorer 2.0 - Army Green
Explorer 2.0 - Army Green

Explorer 2.0 - Army Green

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Faster, stronger, higher: high mountaineering is changing, and the same is true for Julbo's flagship model. More ergonomic, better ventilation, slimmer and more stylish, Explorer 2.0 reaches new summits in performance. With large coverage, removable shields, 360° adjustable temples and high protection lenses, these glacier sunglasses are designed for extreme conditions without any compromise.


  • Nose Grip : Flexible, shock-absorbing grip insert on the bridge.
  • 360° adjustable temples : The ends of the temples can be moved in all directions. Under a helmet, over a hat or on the head, the frames are held in place.
  • Front Venting : Natural front venting of air created by the lens shape.
  • Grip Tech : Exclusive soft-comfort material on the temples that doesn't stick to hair, giving perfect grip and comfort
  • Panoramic view : Wide lens surface for maximum field of vision.
  • Removable side shields : Side protection from sunlight.
  • Supplied with an adjustable cord : Hold and security. The cord length can be changed with the adjustment loop.
  • Total Cover : Maximum protection from sunlight in extreme conditions.


  • Photochromic: protection changes darker or lighter depending on light
  • Visible light transmission rate: 7% to 35% polarized
  • High-speed change activation: from 22 to 28 seconds
  • Exceptional anti-fog coating: no condensation, maximum longevity
  • External oil-repellent coating: prevents marking and facilitates water runoff
  • Gold tint: excellent light receptivity and protection

Temple length : 135
Base : 6
Lens size : 61