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Fowler- Glacier

Fowler- Glacier

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From catching waves to beachfront cookouts, the Fowler from Zeal Optics combines the perfect blend of light weight style and all day performance. Featuring our plant-based Z-Resin frame and Ellume Polarized lens, both of which are made from the castor bean plant, the Fowler will help keep your view clear while reducing your environmental impact.

Featuring our proprietary ProFlex rubber to keep your shades in place when the going gets hot, and a timeless, rectangular Italian-made frame with sleek, tapered temples, Fowler is designed to keep up with you on every adventure, and protect your eyes by blocking 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC light, as well as 95% of harmful HEV light.

And a bit of trivia… Fowler was inspired by a town in southeastern Colorado, whose namesake was phrenologist Orson Squire Fowler. Phrenology was a “science” that said the shape your head determines your intellect and personality. While this is nonsense, at Zeal Optics, our goal is to make all heads looks great, no matter what their shape, and Fowler definitely has you covered.

Lens: Rose

Lens Material: Ellume Polarized

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