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Super Crush 2 - Green Emeraude

Super Crush 2 - Green Emeraude

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Love at first sight with SUPER CRUSH! These iconic, two-tone metal sunglasses are the embodiment of the glasses that everyone wants to wear any time of day: glamorous, sparkling and lavish... Say hello to the frame that everyone wants, and that everyone falls in love with! A delightful mix of metallic reflections with contrasting matt colours awakens and enlivens the colour palette: galvanic, oversized shapes, and a fashion that evokes the luxury of a loft, make this frame the catalyst that cultivates its VIP side... without doing your head in! An enticing square and circle share the limelight of this range with the ever-increasing New York style colour palette: white and gold are combined with blush pink in a jet-set style, while brushed copper intensifies under a petrol blue granite. Glasses to break hearts and turn heads!

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