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Pit Viper

The Grand Prix - The Boomslang

The Grand Prix - The Boomslang

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Let's get down to business.

Like an energy drink in sunglass form, the Boomslang Grand Prix wakes you up and might make you piss yourself if you consume too many. 100% UV Protective as always, and with the Side Pieces  on, they’re ANSI Z87+ safety rated. Pop those saucy little Side Pieces  off and let the wind caress your face balls! Here’s a description of the colors in case you’re color blind: green and black splatter paint frame, a reflective orange lens, and a nice neutral grey look thru color. 



  • UVA & UVB Protection: 100%

  • Visual Light Transmission: 16%

  • Lens: ANSI z87+ Rated Polycarbonate

  • Look Thru Color: Grey


  • 1 removable Side Piece™ on the right

  • 1 removable Side Piece™ on the left

  • 1 Speed Harness™

  • 1 Limpcloth™

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