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Pit Viper

The Grand Prix - The Drive

The Grand Prix - The Drive

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Let's get down to business.

I’m here today testing out the new 2020 “The Drive” Pit Viper Grand Prix. First presented in Geneva, the gasps from those in attendance are said to have echoed around the Alps for months. Powered by a dual turbine 40 oz engine, this aggressively styled racing machine brings style and performance to your garage, at an affordable price. 

Equipped with ANSI Z87+ stamps, removable Side Pieces™, and a Speed Harness™, we’re proud to present the Grand Prix. “Only as fast as you want them to be”.



  • UV Protection: 100%

  • Light Transmission: 14%

  • Lens: ANSI Z87+ Polycarbonate

  • Look Thru Color: Grey


  • 1 removable Side Piece™ on the right

  • 1 removable Side Piece™ on the left

  • 1 Speed Harness™

  • 1 Limpcloth™

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