Optical Image Swift Current - Optometrist and Eyewear

Our Mission.

At Optical Image, we care, we laugh, we have fun, we push the limits to expand our passion for what we do. We love cool things, especially cool glasses, we love to make things right, and we love helping people.  You can trust in us to take the utmost care of the eyes you rely on to capture your journeys in life.  See you soon!

Optical Image Swift Current

Our Story.

In 1986 a husband and wife team with a bigger than life idea of what an optical could be, set out to open Optical Image. Darrah Wagner knew that glasses were more than just for seeing and believed they could be uniquely you.   She and her husband Gary started the quest to share her passion. They continually searched the world to bring unique and creative frames to a small town, making Optical Image one of a kind. Their mandate was strong.  They called people by name, fixed problems with warm smiles, proved strength in good quality workmanship and advanced products.

Once a summer student for Optical Image, Sasha Godenir reconnected with Wagners in 2006. A new Optical Image emerged creating a place to be able to get your eyes checked alongside all the other awesomeness that Optical Image always had.  The relationship was powerful and they never looked back, growing their business together, having fun, and continuing their non traditional approach to making eye care and glasses just an awesome experience.