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Our Optometry office is equipped with advanced technology and education for early detection of ocular diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic eye disease. We work closely with an excellent web of referral specialists in co-managing pre and post surgeries in cataracts, retina, and refractive surgeries.


Optical Image Swift Current - General Eye Exams

General Eye Exam

$125. Includes all scans, photos, and testing.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and having them checked is important!  You may not know but regular eye exams can detect other health conditions like brain tumours, high blood pressure and diabetes just to name a few!  Eye exams are easy, and painless (with a few bright lights!), and include high tech photographs and laser images of your eyes along with thoroughly figuring out your prescription and addressing any other eye issues you might have.  From glasses and contacts, to dry eyes and computer eyestrain, from serious complications like glaucoma and retinal detachment, the general eye exam goes through the eyes and systems top to bottom.  If you are seeing good or aren’t seeing good, get them checked, you never know what’s brewing and we can help make sure your eyes stay healthy and the world is clear for you to explore! 

Partial Eye Exam

$50 - $70

This type of exam is for those patients requiring rechecks for various reasons.  Whether you are seeing a specialist and just need a quick re-check on something specific, or need to address smaller issues between regular eye exams, we will tailor this re-check to your concerns.

After cataract surgery changes, and other surgery follow ups are handled with partial exams. Anything like recent vision changes, computer eyestrain with a new job, or headaches since having to take extra classes and do extra reading, can also be reasons to book a partial exam.


Optical Image Services - Red Eye and Emergency Eye Exams

Emergency / Red Eye Exam

$0 (with valid Saskatchewan Health Card)

Red eye is a term we use for anything urgent that just showed up with your eyes.  Things like something in your eye, goopy eyes, injuries, flashes or new spots in your vision that just showed up, eyes red or dry when you woke up, new pain or anything out of sorts.  COME TO YOUR OPTOMETRIST.

We can treat you ASAP and have you back to normal quickly. We can prescribe drops, remove things from your eyes, and or get you to the correct specialist right away. 


Optical Image Services - Contact Lens Fitting

Contact Lens Fitting


This is a time set aside to sit down and learn how to wear contact lenses!  We will sit down and usually after a little struggle and frustration and a few laughs, you will learn how to put in and take out your own contacts!  You will learn how to properly care for them to avoid future infections and problems and you will leave the office wearing your new contacts!  You will be able to try them for a couple weeks to make sure your eyes see well and adjust to the fit well.  There may be a follow up appointment required to change or alter the lens best for your eyes but these are included in the fitting fee and no extra charge. 


How often should you have an eye exam?

Children Children under 18 are covered by Saskatchewan Healthcare and should be seen annually.

Adults Adults ages 18-65 should be seen every 2 years. Adults ages 65 and up should be seen annually.

Health Issues Anyone with progressive health issues or eye disease should be seen annually (ie. diabetes, macular degeneration).

If you need help or have any questions, give us a call at 306-778-2412 or email at oi@opticalimage.ca

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