Community x Oi

We're proud to support local organizations, fundraisers and teams. 

Canadian Lions Recycling Program. Drop off your old specs to be reused and recycled.

Windscape Kite Festival. Best kite festival ever, right here in town.

Blenders. Good music and good company in the historic Lyric building.

Minor Hockey. We're Canadian and we love hockey.

MNP Bronco Alumni Tournament

Swift Current Curling Club. Curling is cool, especially in Southwest Sask. Did you know Dr. Godenir is one heck of a skip?

CAMPS and Maverick school programs. An amazing program to help kids reach their full potential, taking the path that works best for them.

Small town facility improvement initiatives and fundraisers. Small towns are the heart and soul of Southwest Sask. We’re proud to support them to keep them going strong.

Magic 97 - 50/50 For Change.

Dr. Noble Irwin Healthcare Foundation. Bringing state of the art healthcare to our region. A foundation we're truly proud to support. 


    We've raised over $41,000!

    We share the love of eyesight and contribute to Optometry Giving Sight™ to give the gift of sight around the world - something we take for granted in Canada.

    We hold an annual bake sale for World Sight Day in October. Our wildest fundraising shenanigans included Dr. Godenir and Optician, Trent Tallon, shaving their heads in the store after we raised $10,000!

    Whether it's for our community, our patients and customers, or our style -

    we go all in!