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Optical Image Swift Current Optometrist - Dr. Sasha Godenir

Mama bear and boss bear.
Always tries to cram in one more thing.
Being outside is better.
Lover of fashion, grit and positive vibes.
Previous 4H'er and mini Orange Crush car driver.

Sasha grew up living the farm life near the tiny village of Aneroid, SK where days were spent riding the “orange crush car” with her sisters, building forts and helping out wherever she could with farm work. Somehow outside of dancing, fastball, and combining, she knew she always wanted to be an optometrist. She landed a summer job with Optical Image out of high school, then carried on to 7 years of education, travelling and friends, leading to her Doctorate of Optometry from Indiana University in 2002. After grad, she started working in South Carolina, and in 2003, her then fiancé Rej had a hockey career which led them to spend an incredible year trekking around Europe. She cherishes her experiences and connections from the prairies to the Midwest USA, Guanajuato, Mexico, Montrose, NY, Europe and back. Their 3 kids now rule their world and they enjoy work, lake time and play time with their families close by. In 2007, Optical Image was re-created under Dr. Godenir’s ownership. Her experiences added eye exams, contact lens fittings, red eye and emergency treatments, ocular disease management, pediatric and binocular vision exams to the already wild and wonderful glasses line up. Today she continues to bring her best to Optical Image with an incredible circle of support from our families, friends, community and staff. She continually challenges herself to think outside of the box, and to create and maintain a positive and outstanding culture in her business. Dr. Godenir is always accepting new patients where you will be listened to and taken care of!

Optical Image Swift Current Optometrist - Dr. Sarah Block

One half of the musical sensation Saress
A line dance enthusiast
100% committed to crafting costumes

Dr. Sarah Block joined Optical Image after graduating on the Dean’s Honours list from the University of Waterloo School of Optometry and Vision Science in 2012. As part of her training at Waterloo, Dr. Block completed her ocular disease and therapeutics externship at Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center in Muskogee, Oklahoma. She primarily saw elderly veterans there and gained clinical experience in managing macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic eye disease. Her training includes experience in all aspects of optometry, including paediatrics, contact lens, geriatrics, binocular vision, ocular disease, and refractive surgery co-management (SMILE, LASIK & PRK). She has an interest in myopia management in children. Dr. Block is originally from Jansen, SK and is a graduate of the University of Regina where she received a Bachelor of Science in Biology with Distinction in 2007. When she isn't in the office she enjoys live music and the Lyric theatre, learning new instruments, and travel. Sarah welcomes new patients of all ages to the practice and wants everyone to leave knowing a little more about their eyes.

Optical Image Swift Current Staff


Used to be a social worker and made the switch 19 years ago to the optical world. #glassesdonttalkback
Technology guru of the #howdoyouturnthecomputeron
Can make a straight line in your bifocals just like in my well manicured lawn. #alittleOCD
Loves the Saskatchewan Roughriders. #pilsnerpartyzone.

Optician + "Jane" of all trades

Defender of all kinds of underdogs.
Won gold in grade 4 at National Music Festival with guitar band (famous member Premier Brad Wall).
Loves fishing.
Tried bull riding at Frontier Days in 1984 on a dare.
Drove stock car for a couple seasons.
Music guilty pleasures: Bee Gees and Queen.

Optical Image Swift Current Staff
Optical Image Swift Current Staff

Optician + Design Specialist

Story of her life: no messes, just ideas laying around = creativity overload problems!
DIY-ologist, gets excited when thinking of making things.
MommaALT - just a mom that loves to play video games. Video gamer at heart.
Played on a boys soccer team since she was 14.
Aspired to be a fashion designer growing up...instead styles customers in fab eyewear!


Don't sweat the small stuff.... Troy does it enough for all of us.
Really enjoys playing secret games of "scare your coworker", and he says no one really enjoys it but him!
Loves to escape reality and let his mind wander into the lives of characters in books or video games (the dishes can do themselves later)
Bakes a dang good cheesecake.
Won a jelly bean counting contest, but guess who doesn't like jelly beans anymore...

Optical Image Swift Current Staff
Optical Image Swift Current Staff

Optician + Lens Specialist

Mom of 3 incredible souls.
I have a drawer in the lab filled with prank props, Trent loves my snake.
Only staff member who doesn’t wear glasses.
Gatekeeper of secrets.
Really I'm smiling on the inside ;)

Reception + Optometric Assistant

An aspiring grown up & cheese enthusiast.
Probably the most talented TV binge watcher you’ll find.
Travelling from Miss to Mrs.
Sitting at a campfire is her happy place.
Kinda a big deal to her dog!

Optical Image Swift Current Staff
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