Caring for your glasses.


Your awesome new glasses will get dirty! For long-lasting clear views - clean your lenses with our eco-friendly lens spray and sweet cleaning cloth, or simply give them a warm bath, gently rub the lenses with soap, rinse well and dry with a clean cloth. Lenses are fragile so keep free of dust and dirt before rubbing them.



Beware of heat. Heat from a sunny day on the car dash, very hot water, oven or BBQ heat blasts can cause lens coating defects.  Stay cool or you will be blurry!



Stuff happens and glasses can break! Whether it’s a faulty part or an accident, many things can be fixed sometimes under warranty, and sometimes not!


Life happens. Need help? 

Bring them in or send a photo. Message us on FB, IG, or text a photo to 306-750-9955. We’ll see what we can do to get you back in action quickly!