Frequently asked questions.

Do I have to pay upfront or can you bill my insurance directly? 

Normally we can bill your insurance company directly on your behalf, so that you do not have to pay upfront.  However we are at the mercy of those companies and their online portals and occasionally and rarely they request that you have to submit on your own.  In that case you would have to pay upfront and submit it to the insurance provider on your own.

What is covered by Saskatchewan Healthcare and what is covered by insurance?

Sask Health covers:

  • Eye infections of any kind
  • Eye injuries from a poke with a branch or finger, something in your eyes, or a hit to the eyes or face or anything in between
  • Work related eye injuries like metal or filings fallen in your eye, chemical exposures (these are normally directed to Worker’s Compensation for billing)
  • New floaters or flashes in your vision that suddenly appeared
  • Dry, irritated or red eyes
  • Yearly diabetic eye exams since eye disease is more prevalent

Personal or Group Insurance covers:

  • Regular eye exams which include checking vision, glasses, contacts, and a thorough look at the health of the eye for preventative care.
  • Depending on your plan (as they are all different) you may have coverage for anything prescription including glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses every 1-2 years up to a certain amount normally around $150-$300.
  • *Check your own plan for accurate details.
How often should kids and adults have eye exams?

  • Kids up to the age of 18 should be checked yearly starting at age 6mo old.
  • Adults ages 18-64 should be every 2 years
  • Adults over age 65 or anyone with eye disease or other disease that affects the eyes (like Diabetes) should be yearly 
  • Occasionally people will need to be seen more frequently depending on their eye health, but this will always be directed by your Optometrist.
Can I book an eye exam at Optical Image if I normally go elsewhere?

Yes it’s easy, just call or book an eye exam online, we can transfer relevant materials from your previous office if needed.  If you expect to have insurance coverage check your eligibility with your own insurance company to ensure your date complies with your coverage, otherwise anytime works!

What happens in an eye exam? 

Eye exams normally start with our assistants asking you some questions about your eyes and health, they then put you through a few easy automated tests where you look into various machines which take impressive photos and other important measurements of your eyes.  Our camera has a bright flash to be able to take a photo of the inside of your dark eyeball!  

You are then directed to the doctor’s exam room where your vision is checked by assessing how good you can see an eye chart, eye muscle tests are done by following a small target with your eyes, glasses and contact lens prescription is verified by sharing options that are stronger or weaker to help you see your best, then the photos are reviewed and the eye pressure and health are thoroughly checked with a specialized microscope and lights.

My eyes are bothering me, should I go to the doctor? 

You should see your optometrist, it’s our specialty to diagnose and treat all things eyes!  It’s also free to have this type of eye check with a valid Sk Health Card.  Call us so we can squeeze you into our schedule and get you fixed up quickly!

What do I do if I have an eye injury and is it covered by Sask Health?

Call or come to Optical Image if you have an eye injury and we can help you immediately, or direct you to the best urgent care needed.  Yes it also covered by Sask Health and you will not need to pay.

Should I take vitamins for my eyes?

Vitamins are helpful for many conditions in your eyes, including Omega 3, Lutein and other antioxidants, but are not required. Treating general health is critical in preserving your eyes and eyesight the best, so targeting good health and control of current conditions is most important.  Your optometrist can guide you further in recommending vitamins or supplements for your eyes based on your situation.

Can I wear contacts? 

Most prescriptions come in contact lenses now, many people who were once told they couldn’t wear contacts likely now can. Contact for progressive lenses and for astigmatism have improved drastically over the past years. People young and old can wear contacts and daily lenses have now made it possible to dabble with contacts just for sports or other hobbies to have an option other than glasses. Booking a contact lens fitting or discussing it at your next eye exam are the best way to get started.

I stare at a computer all day, what can I do for my eyes?

Computer work is generally very straining on your eyes since they are in a constant state of work having to see a computer at a close distance, and blinking far less than normal due to concentrating. Giving your eyes a break by looking far away for 20secs every 20min really helps to keep them more comfortable...that’s the 20-20 rule.

Having a very accurate prescription ensures your eyes see their best and work to their fullest potential in the most comfortable way, so keep your glasses up to date, small changes make big differences with computer work.  Having specific computer glasses also make a world of difference on neck and eye strain, they have a much larger intermediate and near zone to allow less time searching for the correct part of the lens needed to make your computer clear.  Blue light filters in lenses are great at reducing eye strain and helping with headaches as well. Ask anyone who has computer glasses, they will tell you they love them!

Keeping your computer at or lower than eye level is very important for creating the right position for your eyes to stay moist, looking up keeps them more open and more prone to drying out.  Using moisturizing drops with gentle or no preservatives and improving humidity in your office help your eyes ward off dryness and redness.

Can I get my glasses here if I don’t get my eyes checked here?

Simply put - yes. There is no appointment needed to look for glasses or sunglasses!  We will require a copy of your prescription if you are getting prescription glasses or sunglasses, and help you source that if you don’t have it. 

My glasses are broken?

Our staff is excellent at fixing up problems.  If you have a situation, call us and let us know about your issues.  You can also text 306-750-9955 or email a close up photo of the problem.  We can try and get you going as quickly as possible by repairing or ordering new parts or putting your lenses into another frame.  There are many variables to a broken frame, so just let us know and we will try to help!  Cost is totally dependant on the solution available, and we will give you options!

Questions, concerns, emergency?

Text or call 306-750-9955