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Maui Jim

Mangroves - Matte Dark with Light Grey interior

Mangroves - Matte Dark with Light Grey interior

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Mangrove trees and shrubs dominate in tropical regions, where they create an ideal shelter for fish and other organisms along the equator. Inspired by worthwhile time on the water, this style combines the sleek coverage of a wrap silhouette with PolarizedPlus2® technology to effortlessly navigate variable conditions with unparalleled protection and enhanced visibility. The SuperThin Glass lenses inset in this nylon framework offer crisp views of the water, making Mangroves the perfect companion for your fishing expeditions and beyond.

Lens: MAUIGreen® - Make a bold lens tint choice with our stylish green mirror coating. Reduces eye strain in extra bright settings.

Lens Material: SuperThin Glass - Provides the absolute crispest optics available. 32% thinner and lighter than standard glass, it offers the best scratch resistance.

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