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Circle G's - Beam Me Up, Probe Me Later

Circle G's - Beam Me Up, Probe Me Later

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The aliens knew immediately that you were cool. There was probing. But it was a party first. The probes from the party-starting aliens just became part of the rich tapestry that is your life. Plus, it was for science. So you were cool with it. Anyway, they beamed you back. With cool alien-inspired Beam Me Up, Probe Me Later sunnies intact.

Sometimes that trip involves getting beamed up to an alien spacecraft. That alien ship may fly a little close to the sun. Better have these stellar interstellar sunnies to help with the solar glare. These sunnies are named "Beam Me Up, Probe Me Later". Whatever happens on an alien ship STAYS on an alien ship. Have fun and be safe!

Fit: for regular heads

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