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Hylo Gel Lubrication Eye Drops

Hylo Gel Lubrication Eye Drops

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Hylo Gel Lubrication Eye Drops are a step above  when dealing with dry eyes.  If you suffer from dry eyes and haven't tried preservative free drops like these, you need to.


They were developed for patients with more severe and persistent dry eye, who require more intensive, therapeutic lubrication of the ocular surface including treatment after a surgical procedure.  They can be used as little as once a day or up to hourly depending on the situation.

Preservative free & Phosphate free, means purity without the nonsense.

Contains 2mg/ml Sodium Hyaluronate, a citrate buffer, sorbitol and water. Hylo Gel offers a strong and long lasting lubricating film on the eye surface.
10 ml bottle (300 eye drops), lasting approximately 5 months when used 2xday.

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