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OG's - Pineapple Painkillers

OG's - Pineapple Painkillers

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PINEAPPLE PAINKILLERS is blue and yellow with red polarized lenses

Fit: for regular heads

The Ultimate Party Drink - These tropical blue and yellow shades are named for the best solution for getting a charlie horse in your calf at mile 17: Pineapple painkillers. That's right, this delightful cocktail, 2 parts rum, 4 parts pineapple juice (with anti-inflammatory bromelain!), 1 part orange juice and coconut cream is what Carl reaches for when hes run out of pina colada mix (he obviously doesn't realize that he could make a pina with these ingredients....oh Carl). It doesn't actually help the cramp, but you'll get such a bad side cramp after you slam the drink, you won't remember the charlie horse!

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