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Pit Viper

The Single Wides - The Motorboat Sunset

The Single Wides - The Motorboat Sunset

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So you want to know more?

After years of R&D (research and development), T&E (trial and error), and S&M (you know that one), we've finally done it. The essence of aquatic recreation, captured and trapped forever in a physical object. The Motorboat Sunset features sparkling blue frames and a pleasant pink sunset lens.


  • - 100% UVA + UVB protection

  • - Light Transmission: 33%

  • - Look Thru Color: Pink/Amber

  • - Lens: 1.2 mm High Index Plastic


  • - 1 Pair of Pit Vipers

  • - 1 Tie Downs™ Retainer Strap

  • - 1 Limpcloth™

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